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Humans vs animals

Humans vs animals, a dichotomy old as the evolution. A brutal behavior is still labeled as “beastly”, on the other hand animalists say that those “beasts” are better than humans. We put a lot of efforts to distinguish: we use bathrooms, we write, articulate words, we dress and make art. But deep down we got the same instinct: eat, reproduce, defend the territory. It’s always like a final step is missing… Continua a leggere


Ashin Wirathu, the other face of Buddhism

Even Buddhism has its own temporal ways, which fit in the Western and monotheistic tradition: violence included. “Buddhism is not an ecception to fundamentalist threats, which define every religious tradition”, says Riccardo Venturini, president of the Italian Centre of Buddhist Culture of Rome… Continua a leggere

Mediterranean Horizons, disembarks and violence against women

The documentary begins with music and text: “since the dawn of time among the world’s crossroads, men leave their land. Tears, dangers, fatigue and violence look for a way through, while fears, suspect and intolerance build barriers. But when, among the world’s crossroads or ocean’s routs, women are moving, is different. Because they are women. … Continua a leggere

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eSPoSiZioNi, un soggiorno artistico

Roma, Lazio, Italia

L'appartamento si trova in un palazzo del XIX secolo restaurato, lungo una delle vie più eleganti e moderne della città, con il quartiere più antico, Rione Monti, giusto al lato. La possibilità di ...