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Personal Hells

Each religion and society had its own vision of hell. For some was just the absence of light, the Ancient Egyptians and Latins introduced punishment. But it was Judaism which changed the concept of the battle between good and evil, influencing the other monotheistic religions… Continue reading


Atheism in religious wars

Atheism, in religious wars, is even more despised than the rival cult. In the eyes of extremists, any rival would be better, as at least he believs in something. The “wrong” god, sure, but with a moral. Preconcepts are at their lowest rate in scandinavian countries, where atheism is more scattered. Because knowledge is always the best antidote. Not having a religious ethic doesn’t mean not having an ethic at all, Humanism should have thaught a little something… Continue reading

Is unreal really unreal? (Or about post-truth)

Is unreal really unreal if, strongly believing in it, affects our lives? This could happen in many ways. Religion, economics & finance, politics, they all rely on fleeting bases of faith and trust. But they make the world turn, no matter if they right or wrong… Continue reading

Keep calm and don’t blame islam

7 gennaio, è appena passata l’Epifania, nemmeno il tempo di riprendere i ritmi di lavoro regolare dopo la sbornia delle lunghe festività natalizie che il mondo è scosso dall’attentato alla sede del giornale satirico parigino Charlie Hebdo ad opera di un gruppo di fondamentalisti islamici ma di nazionalità francese, affiliati alla sezione yemenita di Al … Continue reading

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eSPoSiZioNi, un soggiorno artistico

Roma, Lazio, Italia

L'appartamento si trova in un palazzo del XIX secolo restaurato, lungo una delle vie più eleganti e moderne della città, con il quartiere più antico, Rione Monti, giusto al lato. La possibilità di ...