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Lord Lhus, American, European, International

Far from the superiority complex of most Americans when it comes to rap, Lord Lhus is co-founder of the international collective Empty Handed Warriors with Unknown Mizery and the Dutch men Psl, Rob Ster and Cerebros, of the Rotterdam label Eastgarden Music. The movement got bigger, with members that goes from Iran to Slovakia and it’s ready to gather artists in many ways to build a worldwide community… Continue reading


Hip hop ain’t dead, it just went underground

“I read this thing, 28 out of 30 artists said that the major labels influenced them to talk about women, drugs, clothes and cars”, said Vinnie Paz, one the most high standing underground rappers, in an interview released to the Spanish tv Dos Rombos in September 2012. “I like bitches and money and clothes and … Continue reading

Dope D.O.D., music not for purists

Why talking about Dope D.O.D.? Basically they are the last group, in order of time, I discovered. But they’re not the last arrived that make you say: “ok, they’re just average”. They distinguish themselves, they stand out. Even if they’re nothing like “I never heard something of this genre”. And genre it’s the word, because … Continue reading

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eSPoSiZioNi, un soggiorno artistico

Roma, Lazio, Italia

L'appartamento si trova in un palazzo del XIX secolo restaurato, lungo una delle vie più eleganti e moderne della città, con il quartiere più antico, Rione Monti, giusto al lato. La possibilità di ...