Conspiracy, a scientific religion

Conspiracy theories are a way of thinking, almost a surrogate of religion. Rational and scientific until they can be, conspiracies reinforce themselves when the final piece to the puzzle is missing. Of course something can’t be explained, “they” are able to hide evidence. And that’s a substantial difference with plots. Conspiracies attribute to generic groups (“they”) the course of events…


DisorientationThe vir(tu)al democracy disorient us

One of the first and coolest stand up comedian in Italy talks about “a disoriented train of life, the confusion created today by a virtual and viral form of democracy we were not prepared for: there’re so many opportunity of expression offered by technology. 7 billion people, suddenly, speak, express opinions, and add information. The result is an agglomeration of contradictions that ends up disorienting us”.


“La guerra del fùtbol”, kicking diplomacy away

In 1969, Honduras and El Salvador contend the qualification to the World Cup of 1970 in Mexico. But the matches take place in an already dramatic political situation. And made things even worse…


Airport ’17

In 1995 the French anthropologist Marc Augé wrote the essay Non places: introduction to an Anthropology of supermodernity, in which explained his definition of non places: all those areas made impersonal by the intended purpose, transitional, unable to generate any relationship. Highways, malls, hotels, refugee camps, sport courts, airports…


Sex and power, the Rasputin takeover

In a male chauvinist society, we are used to see powerful men taking advantage of their status for sex, rarely the opposite. The most famous case of a man who used his body to climb the social ladder is surely Rasputin…


big sofo maccabi tel avivBig Sofo, the giant who climbed Mount Olympus

If you check in the hall of fame of basket, you probably won’t find his name. Too unstable in his performances, too unstable in his weight control. But if, by chance, you watched a game and he was in a state of grace, then you’ll never forget him. Sofoklis “Big Sofo” Schortsianitis, born in Tiko, Cameroon, in 1985 by a greek father…


envy eyesEnvy, an engine for social justice?

Envy is considered a negative, reprehensible feeling: it’s part of our education we receive. But in the right proportions, can it be a driving force for development, justice and social equality?


Life on Mars

One of the biggest dreams of humanity, space colonization, specifically of Mars, could be reality soon. Well, maybe not really, but it’s years now that scientists are finding answers to overcome those obstacles, starting from lack of water and oxygen, that seemed to make life on the “red planet” a pure utopia. According optimistic predictions, everything will be technically possibile in 20 years…


Fairy tales are not for children

“Let’s start from here: fables were meant for adults, not for children. In fact, they were very rough, also ironic, but above all moralistic, stories that adults told other adults to admonish them”…


The shark is nothing like Spielberg told us

The average number of victims of a shark attack is six per year. Hippos, although vegetarians, cause 3000 deaths in Africa every year. In United States only, bees, wasps and hornets kill by the hundreds. Indirectly, a simble of meekness like the deer kills more…


Freak show

In contemporary times we replaced the freak shows… with other freak shows. Sure, now is nothing like a human zoo, this tv shows aim to talk about medical conditions and increase awareness about the challanges for a “normal” integration in everyday life. But the reactions of the audience is still the same of 100 or 200 years ago…


You don’t have to be happy (by force)

How many stereotypes do you face in Inside Out? First of all, “in life you have to be happy”. When ever. In life, at best, you have to aspire to happiness, but if bad things happen, and they happen, it’s really useless, damaging, suppressing what they make us feel…


humans vs animalsHumans vs animals

Humans vs animals, a dichotomy old as the evolution. A brutal behavior is still labeled as “beastly”, on the other hand animalists say that those “beasts” are better than humans. We put a lot of efforts to distinguish: we use bathrooms, we write, articulate words, we dress and make art. But deep down we got the same instinct: eat, reproduce, defend the territory. It’s always like a final step is missing…


Amy Winehouse, the bad luck to become famous

Amy felt like a bomb. How it was amplified. As if words came from pain alone. As if she tried all the improvised, but only if it hurts, as if she should love without thinking who actually contributed to killing her. Because she actually hated herself, loving only those who could destroy her…



Laziness moves the world

We could say that laziness and technology go along. Technology, infact, answers to many needs making life more comfortable – or at least tries to – in a cause/effect concatenation. The lazy one desires improve technology, which make us even lazier. Is that the price to pay to progress? Well, each one of us has to find his own limit…


The sea, the book and internet

The Swedish writer Bjorn Larsson can’t believe. Why any journalist, since he published his first book The true story of the pirate Long John Silver, always asks him the same question: “How and how much does the sea inspire your writing?” This stubborn curiosity, which annoyed him at first, like all those questions to which it’s …


Atheism in religious wars

Atheism, in religious wars, is even more despised than the rival cult. In the eyes of extremists, any rival would be better, as at least he believs in something. The “wrong” god, sure, but with a moral. Preconcepts are at their lowest rate in scandinavian countries, where atheism is more scattered. Because knowledge is always the best antidote. Not having a religious ethic doesn’t mean not having an ethic at all, Humanism should have thaught a little something…


Maam, art from outerspace to Rome

Nihil difficile volenti, “nothing is difficult for those who desire it” The Latin motto becomes a warning here. A long reportage on one of the most unique museums in the world, Maam – Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of Metropoliz in Roma, and its residents…


Women powerIf women had power and ruled the world

If women had power and ruled the world, there will be peace and social justice. It would be true if everybody was like Benazir Bhutto or Aung San Suu Kyi. But the reality is more complex, of course not every woman is the same and the few examples we had (Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice and so on) suggest that nothing would change. A totally different thing would be talking about the inequalities of women in access, opportunities and payment…


A tattoo is forever

When we say that a tattoo is for ever, we really mean it. Removal operations aside, the discovery of tattoed up mummies showed how the ink survives better than the skin thousend of years after the death. Embalming procedures are less frequent nowadays, of course, so “for ever” is limited to the life of the person who decides to decorate his or her body, until decay overcomes…


Master of the universe, men being prostituted for finance

“Sooner or later the collapse will take place and then, of course, something will have to be invented”. In the documentary by Marc Bauder awarded at Locarno 2013, Master of the universe, Rainer Voss, “ruthless” former German financial trader, worked for that market that now seem to command everything: “I know that I will depress everyone with this story but probably a much worse crisis will come. Certainly the finance’s market alone won’t learn from its mistakes, but people can stop it…”


In Italy we just like to complainItaly, best country in complaint

In Italy we’re doing what comes naturally, the complaint. For us complaining is a mono or dia-logical outburst over the impatience that comes from seeing that nothing goes as it should… day by day. The problem is that often we do absolutely nothing the change the situations we don’t like. We must also say that we’re very self-critical, when progress occur we aren’t able to see it, but this is the other side of the coin…


121425Is unreal really unreal?

Is unreal really unreal if, strongly believing in it, affects our lives? This could happen in many ways. Religion, economics & finance, politics, they all rely on fleeting bases of faith and trust. But they make the world turn, no matter if they right or wrong…


cvGood luck, and poor sons

Today I asked myself: why have I been shaped for a world that doesn’t exist?
I have no way to contribute to society in the way that’s more congenial to me because I haven’t a job.
On the other hand, I have a “curriculum vitae” that I couldn’t even write, let alone work.
I’m 31, I’ve been studying for more than 16 years, working for 10, done 22 different jobs, 19 “blacks” and 3 reals, regular ones and everything I mean, most of all paid.
I’m a journalist…


10-30-unpa-motherhoodFemales who have no choice: the phenomenon of the wives and mothers girls

Sanna, Indian, married at 31, after a master, with a younger man, didn’t have to provide a dowry, although the family is Muslim”. This is the stereotype and what Giulia Vallese (UNFPA) says about one of the few success stories about the little-discussed issue of child brides and mothers, described in the last report (2013) by this “United Nations Population Fund”: Motherhood in childhood, face the challenge of adolescent pregnancy


Street art in Palestine

Globalization of walls

“The first person who, having enclosed a plot of land, took into his hand to say ‘this is mine’ and found people simple enough to believe him, was the true founder of civil society. What crimes, wars, murders, what miseries and horrors would the human race have been spared, had someone pulled up the stakes or filled in the ditch and cried out to his fellow man: ‘do not listen to this imposter. You are lost if you forget that the fruits of the earth belong to all and the earth to no one!”…


Lord-LhusLord Lhus, American, European, International

Far from the superiority complex of most Americans when it comes to rap, Lord Lhus is co-founder of the international collective Empty Handed Warriors with Unknown Mizery and the Dutch men Psl, Rob Ster and Cerebros, of the Rotterdam label Eastgarden Music. The movement got bigger, with members that goes from Iran to Slovakia and it’s ready to gather artists in many ways to build a worldwide community…


hartmanStanley’s war

War movies follow usual outlines, blending together action, heroism, sacrifice, emotions. Because they work better if there’s a good vs evil dichotomy in which you can relate. Not Kubrick ones. In Stanley’s war there aren’t good ones…


MarinaledaMarinaleda, a realized socialist Utopia

Marinaleda is a small town in Sevilla district, 2700 inhabitants, where social economy reached a level that socialism preached but never realized. It all started with the land reform of the end of the Seventies, after Franco’s dictatorship…


Insane Clown PosseSend in the clowns

Tantrums, extravagances, excesses, irrational manias, self celebration and cult of personality. In a normal adult the little child is not bad, in a cruel one is overwhelmed by corruption and hunger for power. Many dictators are connected by a common thread, being clownish…



PV_logo_CMYK_300dpiPersonal Value, science becomes intangible

The juxtaposition between mathematical models and intangible values is falling down, more and more. From England, here it comes Personal Value (PV), parameter which calculates the social impact of single individuals, associations, communities, up to Nations and the whole planet…


wirathuAshin Wirathu, the other face of Buddhism

Even Buddhism has its own temporal ways, which fit in the Western and monotheistic tradition: violence included. “Buddhism is not an ecception to fundamentalist threats, which define every religious tradition”, says Riccardo Venturini, president of the Italian Centre of Buddhist Culture of Rome…


captagonFrom war on drugs to drugs in war

The finding of captagon, some kind of amphetamine, in the pockets or blood of many jihadists affiliated to Islamic State surprised the public opinion. But using drugs in wars is an ancient practice. Anyway it’s a paradox how the same Governments who spend billions in the war on drugs or groups that punish the use of narcotics with death penalty, if they have to prevail against the enemy, don’t mind to step on everyone and everything…


olanda biciWork ennobles… partially

From Mediterranean Sea and below, we perfectly know the value of relax, of leisure. But we are not the ones that take advantage of it. Despite a fame of lazy people, are the northern Europeans, the Dutch ahead of them, to enjoy the benefits of part-time jobs


TheeBlog-TwoEscobarsThe two Escobars

Good and evil are, in most cases, hard to be separated. They deeply coexist in each one of us. Other times, good and evil are easy to recognize, but not only coexist, they contribute to the same cause. Andrés and Pablo have many things in common: the “illness” for soccer and the last name, Escobar. But a totally opposite nature.


Una migrante (da metropolisweb.it)

Mediterranean Horizons, disembark and violence against women

The documentary begins with music and text: “since the dawn of time among the world’s crossroads, men leave their land. Tears, dangers, fatigue and violence look for a way through, while fears, suspect and intolerance build barriers. But when, among the world’s crossroads or ocean’s routs, women are moving, is different. Because they are women


A typical zozzone

Roma, a matter of filthies

One can’t speak of (gastronomic) goodies in Roma, and not start from “lo zozzone” (literally “the big slob”). Wherever you are at night or dawn, at some point, you will see your zozzone on the horizon, like a mirage. Zozzone is thousand and one vans spread for Roma selling sandwiches at the most unlikely hours…


Luigi, the Italian cook

I’m Matt Groening. Stereotypes in cartoons

Christmas of 1989 is coming, is a little bit more than a month that the opening of the border between Eastern and Western Germany – plus the demolition of the Berlin Wall – declared the end of communism. Way more important, a tv series begins, and it will be the real revolution of the year, it’ll change the manner to create and develop cartoons…


dope dod Dope D.O.D., music not for purists

Why talking about Dope D.O.D.? Basically they are the last group, in order of time, I discovered. But they’re not the last arrived that make you say: “ok, they’re just average”. They distinguish themselves, they stand out


house-of-cards1House of cards, conspiracy always wins

Best new tv series at the Writers Guild Awards 2014, same acknowledgement at Roma Fiction Fest, best direction of the first two episodes for David Fincher – just the guy of Seven and Fight Club – several nominations in several contests, famous or not. House of Cards conquered everyone, even the U.S. presidentBarack Obama


drug war“Land of the free”, the contradictions of U.S. war on drugs

America, “land of the free, home of the brave”, as the National anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, says. But according to the statistics, if 5% of the world citizens are American, it happens that also 25% of incarcerated people are. A blatant disproportion, is that a population particularly inclined to crime? Or, probably, the penal and judging system have some flaws…



Roma, movie byi Fellini

Rome is a lie, the contradictions of the Capital city

Splendor vs urban blight, love for the monuments against the neglect of letting them getting dirty because of the smog, the spirituality of the Vatican opposed to the amorality of political power. Arrogance, popular wisdom, detachment, where is the truth?


durban-march1Rabbi Weiss. Jewish therefore anti-Zionist

Weiss is not just the name of a kind of beer produced in Germany. It’s also a family name. To be specific of an American rabbi, Yisroel Dovid Weiss, ancient Hungarian roots, leader of the minority Jewish group Neturei Karta (city guardians in Aramaic), which is… Anti-Zionist


images (2)Hip hop ain’t dead, it just went underground

I read this thing, 28 out of 30 artists said that the major labels influenced them to talk about women, drugs, clothes and cars”, said Vinnie Paz, one the most high standing underground rappers…






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